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July 6, 2016

DIY Denim Vest

I thought that finding a denim vest would take me 20 minutes at the mall. But oh was I wrong! Maybe it is just the wrong season, or maybe they are super popular right now and they were all out! Anyway I couldn’t find one, so I just made my own.   This is super

June 28, 2016

Button Sewing // sewing hack

  Although I LOVE doing embroidery, I hate stitching things for clothes by hand. Clothes need to be sturdy and long lasting, which is something that does not come out of my hand stitching. Charlie got some new work pants at H & M, and in true fashion the buttons fell off after wearing them

June 22, 2016

Mini Me

My niece gave me a tiny ball of sport weight yarn that she found and said, “I got this for you because yarn makes you happy!” The crazy colors reminded me of her so I decided to make a mini me for her using the crazy yarn. Whenever I am making something for a specific person

June 13, 2016

UFO + Aliens

My grandma taught me most of what I know about crocheting and sewing. When I was little she made a little space ship and aliens that I loved to play with. She was an amazing mom and maker. I had to recreate the toy that I loved since she had 39 grandchildren who probably would have

May 29, 2016


Amigurumi is what really got me excited about crocheting. I had done dish cloths, and scarves and a few hats, but I got bored after a while. Ami is just 3D crochet. The stitches are different than regular crochet because they are continuously worked without and joining or chaining. So if you’ve never done ami


Custom crochet patterns.

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