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lion appliqué free pattern lion blanket

IMG_0983 IMG_0985 IMG_0986 IMG_0988 IMG_0984 IMG_0989Every now and then I like to do a baby blanket because they are easy to take with you and work on. Blankets are great for learning a new stitch because you get to do it over and over again until you’ve mastered it. This stitch may look complicated at first, but give it a shot and you will see how simple it is. And it gives the blanket the best texture.




  • dc double crochet
  • sc single crochet
  • sl st slip stitch
  • inc increase (work two stitches into one stitch)

Tips + Tricks

  • When you stitch on the lion applique don’t stitch all the way through the blanket, just catch the puffy stitches so you don’t see it on the opposite side of the blanket.
  • When making the lion applique you will need to join rounds and chain up to the next round. When you join rounds slip stitch into the little V after the first dc. This makes it so that you don’t have any visible seams.


Start with a foundation chain in multiples of 3, then add two. I made mine to be about 3 feet long, just right for a baby blanket. UPDATE: I chained 140 and then added two – so 142 chains total

Row 1: Make 2 dc in second chain from hook, skip two stitches, [sc, dc, dc] all in one stitch. Repeat by skipping two stitches and then [sc, dc, dc] in the next stitch. Repeat until the end. After the last shell that you make, sc in the last chain, chain 2 and turn.Row 2: 2 dc in first stitch (the same place that you chained up 2), skip 2 stitches, [sc, dc, dc] in the next stitch. Repeat until the end. After the last shell that you make, sc in the top loop of the chain 2. Chain 2 more and turn.

Repeat this pattern until your blanket is a square. Then for the border, change to dark brown and work  the same pattern around the edges. Do two rows of dark brown for a thick border. Fasten off and weave in ends.


Start with a magic circle, working 11 dc into it. Pull it tight and slip stitch it closed. [11]
dc inc into each stitch (two double crochets in each stitch) repeated around. [22]
[dc, inc] repeated around [33]
Fasten off and leave a long tail for sewing.

Start with a magic circle, working 6 dc into it. Pull it tight, chain one and turn so that you are working back the other way. [6]
[sc, inc] repeated three times. [12]
Fasten off and leave a long tail for sewing.
First embroider a face on your lion. The top of the nose starts at the middle line of the first round of dc, and the bottom is at the beginning of the second round of dc. The mouth is just below that and is made with a back-stitch. Now add the eyes which are just little slits. Add the hair on the lion in the end of each stitch. Stick a crochet hook through the hole, put three 3 inch strands of brown yarn across and pull a loop through. Thread the ends through and pull tight. Repeat around the entire head. After that you will need to trim the mane. I used sharp fabric scissors to get a straight cut. Lay it flat on a table and cut the yarn to be about an inch and half long.

Now add the applique to the blanket. Mine is about 4 inches in from each side and turned on a diagonal. Remember as you stitch to not go all the way through, but to just catch the puffy stitches so you don’t see it on the other side. Stitch around the edge of the circle being careful to not catch any  of the mane. Fasten off and weave in the ends.

That’s it, you’re done!

43 Comments on “Lion Blanket

    1. Yes! So whatever number of chain Stitches you start with needs to be divisible by 3. So 30, 42, 66, ect. These would all be ok numbers to chain for the start, it just depends on how wide you want your blanket to be.

    1. I’m so glad you asked! I actually have a very similar elephant blanket pattern in the works right now! I should be posting the free pattern sometime next week!

    1. I started with chaining 140 for my base chain (which fits the multiple of 3). Then I added two more before I started the cluster stitch, so I chained 142 total!

        1. So it is 138 that I chained for the base and then you add 2 chains to chain up before your first cluster of stitches. So 140 all together, but really my base is 138. I hope that makes sense!

      1. Sorry, I’m still a little bit confused. So you started with 138 and then added 2 to make 140, but then you added another 2 to make it 142? Is that right?

        Also, how much of each yarn did you use? I can’t wait to make this for my friend”s baby boy who will be arriving in February!

        Than you so much!

        Misty W

        1. Sorry, I’m still a little bit confused. So you started with 138 and then added 2 to make 140 and then added another 2 to makec142? Is this correct? Also, how much of each yarn did you use? I can’t wait to start making this! Thank you so much!

          1. No worries! Just chain 140 to start, then your first stitch will be in the third chain from your hook. I used a huge skein (24 oz.) of the main color, about half a normal sized skein of brown, and black scraps.

    1. I don’t have a specific name for it and haven’t been able to find anyone else who calls it a specific name, but it is a type of shell stitch. Shell stitches are where you do a certain number or pattern of stitches all worked into one stitch in the previous row. So knowing that I guess I would call it a single-double-double shell stitch!

    1. You can definitely use a different yarn, you will just end up with a different texture and thickness. I would start chaining and just measure the chain as you go until you get to four feet. If it isn’t a multiple of three don’t stress, just work down the chain for row one and pull out any extra chains from the beginning that you didn’t use.

  1. Hey love the blanket. I’m starting the head, and I’m just not getting it.
    Did my circle, double crochet with increase. But next row? It says single crochet with increase, but I have more than 33. I tried looking at yours close and looks more like a double crochet than a single.
    Help. Thank you terrie

    1. Glad you like it! Lets see… it is all double crochets on the head appliqué, the first row you should just put 11 dc in a magic circle. Next row you will chain up, and then place 2 dc in each st leaving you with 22 st. Then chain up again and alternate between two double crochets in one stitch and a single crochet. Maybe check to see that you are doing the right stitch counts on each row? Like 11 on the first row, then increase in each on second row, and increase, single crochet on the third row. If you mix these up it would throw off your stitch counts. Hope that helps!

  2. Hello! Im finally getting atound to starting this! Do you actually make 2 double crochet in the chain 2 on the 2nd row or are they made in that single crochet?? Thanks so much for all of your help and sharing your cute pattern!

    1. If I understand your question right it should be in the single crochet. The chain two is just to move up for the next row. Glad you like it!

    1. I’m so glad you like it! I just worked two cluster stitches instead of one into each corner. Let me know if that doesn’t make sense!

  3. On row 1 are you doing the sc dc dc in the sc spot. Cause it says in doc in 2 chain from hook which is not in that sc. Please help I read it and reread think I got it then I feel I am reading it wrong again.

    1. Row one you are working in a foundation chain, so you won’t be doing the stitches in a sc spot but in the initial chain you made!

    1. I think I used a pound plus one regular sized skein for the main color and then less than a skein for the dark brown 💕

    1. I sewed mine on a corner at a diagonal. There are some pictures that show this. You can really sew it wherever you like!

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