Elephant Crochet Blanket

fullsizeoutput_10ab fullsizeoutput_10b1 fullsizeoutput_10af fullsizeoutput_10cb fullsizeoutput_10b4 Pom poms + elephants? Oh gosh. I love this one. One of my most popular posts so far has been my Lion Crochet Blanket and someone asked me if I had a more feminine version. Here it is! The best thing about this blanket is you don’t have to think about it as you work! It is a big granny square with some extra stuff on the edges. Granny squares are easy because you don’t have to chain a certain perfect amount to start with. All you have to do is start and it keeps growing. You can basically stop whenever the blanket is the size you want because you work around all four edges of the blanket for each row, making it proportional no matter what row you are on! But enough with my granny square obsession. Here is the free pattern 🙂



  • Red Heart Super Saver yarn – Medium Purple (2 skeins or 728 yards)
  • Red Heart Super Saver yarn – Light Grey (1 skein or 364 yards)
  • Scrap of black yarn (for the eye)
  • I/9 – 5.5mm crochet hook


Start with a  magic circle, secure it with a stitch. Chain 2 (this counts as 1 DC), work 2 DC into the magic ring. Chain 5 and work 3 DC into the ring. Repeat [ch 5, 3 DC] around until you have four 3 DC clusters.


Pull the magic circle tight and finish the round by slip stitching into the back loop of your beginning chain 2. Slip stitch along the previous row’s stitches until you come to the next ch 5 space.


Chain 3 (counting as 1 DC). Work 2 DC into the ch 5 space from the previous round. Ch 1. Work [3 DC, ch 5, 3 DC] into each of the next corners. When you get to the last corner, work 3 DC into the ch 5 space, ch 1 and join with a slip stitch.


From here you just keep going with the same pattern. Work [3 DC, ch 5, 3 DC] in each corner and [3 DC, ch 1] in each side space.


If you need more help with a granny square just search YouTube. There are so many fabulous tutorials.


After using up both of your skeins of purple yarn, its time to switch to grey and add the fringe. Make sure that you are not switching colors in the middle of a row, but right before you start a new row. This makes the colors line up right.

Add 2 full rows of grey granny square. Then you will add the pom poms (and let’s be honest you’ve been waiting through the whole granny square to get to this fun part 😉





Ch 6, work 3 DC in third chain from hook, holding back the last stitch of each DC on your hook (this makes it so that you can make it into a little cluster, its also called 3 DC together). Now you should have 4 loops on your hook, yarn over and pull through all loops – this makes your cluster stitch! Ch 3, make another cluster stitch in the loop that closed your first cluster (work 3 DC in final loop of the last cluster, holding back the last stitch of each DC on your hook. Yarn over and pull through 4 loops to close the cluster.

Now you should have two little circles one on top of the other. Fold them closed like a little waffle iron 😉 and slip stitch back to where the first cluster began. Ch 3, SC in the next ch 1 space of the granny square. Repeat all the way around your blanket, work 2 pom poms into each corner.

These take a little bit of time but they turned out to be my favorite part of my blanket.



Repeat Crafter Me had a great elephant pattern she used on a crochet blanket, but it was a little small for what I needed, so I modified her original pattern to be large enough for this blanket.



Rd 1: Start with a magic circle, work 11 DC into the circle, slip stitch to join, ch 2.

Rd 2: DC inc in each st around (work 2 DC into every DC of the previous round). Slip stitch to join, ch 2.

Rd 3: Work [DC inc, DC} around (work 2 DC in first stitch, work 1 DC in next stitch, repeat). Slip stitch to join, ch 1.

Rd 4 (this round includes the trunk, hump above the trunk, tail, and feet – focus!): SC in next 2 st, [SC + HDC + DC} in next st. [DC + TC] in next st. [TC + DC] in next st.

Ch 2, slip st in next st, SC in next 3 st, ch 2.

[DC + TC] in next st, [TC + DC] in next st, ch 2.

Slip st in next st, SC in next 3 st, ch 13. Work HDCs down the chain, DC in the same st where your chain began.

DC in next 3 st, HDC in next st, SC in next 13 st.

Ch 4, SC back down the chain, join with a slip stitch to the first SC of the round. Fasten off!



In a magic circle, ch 3, TC in next 11 st, ch 3 and slip st to join. Fasten off!



Weave in all your ends from the granny square blanket. You should only have three or four ends to weave in – yay!

Attach the ear to the body of the elephant. Stitch all the way through and around the edges of the ear.

Add the eye using a French Knot (basic embroidery stitch).


Finally add the elephant to the corner of the blanket. Use the pictures to help you know where to put it. The tricky part is that you have to only stitch in the spaces of the granny square where you will be able to hide the grey yarn. There are holes in the granny square blanket where you won’t be able to stitch the elephant down.


You’re done! I hope you love this blanket. You could easily make a little boy version by just changing the main color. The thing that I love most about granny squares and baby blankets is that once you get the stitch pattern down you don’t have to think about it much, turn on your favorite show and relax. Stitching is seriously my therapy. I hope you love it too!


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