DIY Embroidered Throw Pillow



img_2027So I haven’t posted in a very long time….I’ve been student teaching in  kindergarten while finishing my degree. I’m happy that is winding down and I have a little more time to stitch and post!

My husband and I recently moved, which has given me the urge to decorate! And I am a huge Tim McGraw fan so I wanted to include some of my favorite lyrics. I hope you enjoy this little throw pillow! Don’t forget to download the PDF so you can make your own!



  • 12 x 16 pillow form
  • White fabric (two 13 x 17 inch pieces)
  • Black embroidery thread
  • Embroidery hoop
  • Embroidery needle/scissors
  • White thread
  • 57 inches black pom pom trim
  • Fine tipped sharpie or pencil

Print off the PDF always-stay-humble-and-kind and place your fabric over it (center it), trace with a sharpie or pencil. If you are worried about making mistakes I would trace with a pencil.


Embroider using a split stitch.

Put your embroidered piece and your back piece of the pillow covering right sides together. Sandwich the pom pom trim between the two, with the pom poms hidden between the two pieces of fabric. Sew together three sides only.



Turn the casing inside out and slide the pillow in. Pin the last side together with the pom poms in place. Stitch over the top to close the pillow case.

You’re done! Enjoy!

kate stitches


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